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This is (simply) how perks work in Modern Warfare 2

Put simply, the 4 ways perks work in modern warfare 2. You start with 2 ‘base perks’. After around 4-minutes, you unlock your third ‘bonus perk’. After around 8-minutes, you unlock your ‘ultimate perk’. Yes, kills, assists, and game objectives will unlock your perks faster. […]


30 October, 2022

How to Use C4 in Call of Duty (Warzone)

C4 Explosive

C4 is probably the most versatile lethal in Call of Duty. Here’s how to use it properly. Controls Once equipped, use lethal (G/Press Mouse Wheel, PC; R1, PS4; RB, XBOX) to place the C4. Press lethal again or double-tap interact (F, PC; Square PS4, Y, […]


11 April, 2020

Energy Weapons and How To Use Them

Energy Weapons and How To Use Them

Energy ammo and weapons are among the rarest in the game, but for good reason. They can be deadly if you use them correctly. Energy Weapon Mechanics Each of the energy weapons has a different, unique, game mechanic that makes use of the ‘energy’ part […]


24 February, 2019

How To Land Fast in Apex Legends

Land Fast Apex Legends

The fastest way to land in Apex Legends is to dive and then glide repeatedly until you land at your destination. Dive by heading straight down to build up speed (speedometer shown on left). Glide once you near max speed by flattening your direction and […]


19 February, 2019

How To Mute Players in Apex Legends

Mute Players Apex Legends

As with any game, apex legends has some annoying players who abuse the mic feature. It’s critical to mute players in apex legends to keep you from going insane. Luckily its easy to mute these players if you know how. Mute Players in 3 Steps […]


16 February, 2019

How Body Shields Work in Apex Legends

How Body Shields Work

Shields are an important part of Apex Legends and are key for achieving wins by adding up to 100 hp to your character. That’s double your health! Body Shields You loot body shields from the ground, care packages or in apex packs. It’s these body […]


16 February, 2019

Apex Legends Class Guide

Apex Legends Class Guide

Apex Legends game play relies heavily on the legend you choose. Their abilities differ greatly and all offer different advantages and ways of playing. Learning all the legends inside and out is the best way to improve your game. Of course, actually playing all the […]


15 February, 2019

PUBG Shotgun Stats Comparison

Shotgun Comparison

Here we compare the stats of all the shotguns in PUBG. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the shotguns will give you an advantage in game. No weapon stats can be 100% accurate as the developer does not publish it’s game data. We get our […]


8 February, 2019

Choosing the Best Scope in PUBG


As you know, scopes are weapon attachments that enable easier ranged marksmanship throughout PUBG. There are 8 scopes to choose from in PUBG. Icon Name Red Dot Holographic 2x Aimpoint 3x Backlit 4x ACOG 6x 8x CQBSS 15x PM II There are three things that you […]


21 September, 2018

How to Land Perfectly in Fortnite

Landing exactly where you want in Fortnite is important, but it can be hard to master. Here we will take you through some steps to improve your landing skills and help you to be the first to get looted. The ‘one grid square’ landing rule […]


8 June, 2018

How To Cook (and use) Grenades Properly

Cooking a Frag Grenade

Frag grenades can be lethal in a game of battlegrounds, and requires two carefully managed skills; aim and cooking time. Good aim is a given, but cooking your frags is a powerful way to give your enemy no escape. The problem lies in the crucial […]


19 May, 2018

PUBG Sniper Rifle Stats Comparison (Visual)

Sniper Rifle Comparison

Welcome to the PUBG sniper rifle comparison. Here we visualize, in graphs and other means, sniper stats to make it easier to compare weapons and therefore make informed choices within the game. Note: Tweaks to game mechanics including weapon stats change all the time. We do […]


22 April, 2018

Best PUBG Settings for Performance

Best PUBG Settings

Changing game settings is delicate and there is a fine line between making your game look good and give the best performance. There’s no doubt, on PC at least, PUBG is a tough game to run and you will need a decent computer to play […]


16 April, 2018

2 Ways to Find the Kar98k (In Depth)

Find a Kar98

The elusive Kar98k. You want to find one (and a 4x) right? Well, there are 2 ways to find one. 1 stumble across one that has spawned while looting, and 2 kill an enemy who is [enjoying] using one. 1. Find a Kar98 Laying on […]


3 April, 2018

Compensator vs Flash Hider vs Suppressor | PUBG

Compensator vs Flash Hider vs Suppressor

Which do you choose? The three main muzzle attachments serve three different purposes and basically do as their name suggests. Here we compare all three, in detail, to inform you and help you make decisions in-game. Compensator The compensator acts to ‘compensate’ for the recoil […]


26 March, 2018

The Difference Between Energy Drink & Painkiller

Energy Drink vs Painkiller

If you didn’t already know, painkillers take up more capacity in your inventory. In fact, painkillers take up over double the space of energy drinks! So whats the difference? and Should you just use energy drinks to save space? Well here are the facts: Item […]


21 March, 2018

PUBG Inventory & Backpack Space Explained

Inventory Management

You are probably well-aware of the frustration running out of inventory space can cause. Your inventory is the space in which your character can hold items within PUBG and it is determined by, surprisingly, 4 things. Your Character – 20 Your Utility Belt – 50 […]


20 March, 2018

Wood, Brick and Metal – Differences Between Fortnite Building Materials and When to Use Them

Wood vs Brick vs Metal

As you are probably aware, Fortnite has 3 different building materials which can be obtained in-game and used to build cover, forts, and walkways to infiltrate buildings and access chests. From wood to metal the materials increase in strength providing better defense against enemy bullets […]


20 March, 2018

Fortnite Gun Rarity – Weapon Tiers & Types

Fortnite Gun Rarity

Every gun you come across in Fortnite: Battle Royale, whether that be from looting buildings, corpses, chests or drops, will have an associated rarity. Each weapon will be surrounded by a coloured mist on the ground and have a coloured background in your inventory, indicating it’s rarity type. […]


19 March, 2018