How To Land Fast in Apex Legends

The fastest way to land in Apex Legends is to dive and then glide repeatedly until you land at your destination.

  1. Dive by heading straight down to build up speed (speedometer shown on left).
  2. Glide once you near max speed by flattening your direction and head towards your destination.
  3. Repeat after your speed has fallen again.

This works because when you gain speed from diving and then transfer it into a glide, you glide further whilst getting to the ground faster.

Look at this YouTube video for a rough visual representation.

Speed and altitude meters

When landing in Apex Legends, you have two meters either side of your character. One speedometer (left) and one altitude meter (right). These are really useful for controlling your dives and glides.

Speed and Altitude Meters

The general consensus for when to dive and glide vary slightly but in general you want to dive until you reach speeds of ~140 and glide when you slow to ~130 on your speedo.

How far is your destination

You need to watch your altitude when dropping fast. The above method works for most places, but really far and really close drop locations will need adjusting slightly.

Drops close to ship

If you want to head somewhere close to the dropship, you want to dive more and glide less to keep your speed high. For close drops, you should continually dive until last minute where you can glide to reach your drop location.

Drops very far from ship

If you want to travel a very far distance from the dropship, you need to keep your eye on the altitude meter on the right side of the screen. You must still use the Dive, Glide, Repeat method to get farthest, but if you dive too much and lose all of your altitude you might end up falling short.

Avoid triggering the landing animation

When you get close enough to your landing or as you go over cliffs or obstacles, you trigger a landing animation which slows your speed down. Avoid this by staying away from anything close enough to trigger this.