Choosing the Best Scope in PUBG

As you know, scopes are weapon attachments that enable easier ranged marksmanship throughout PUBG.

There are 8 scopes to choose from in PUBG.

Icon Name
Red Dot Sight Red Dot
Holographic Sight Holographic
2x Scope 2x Aimpoint
3x 3x Backlit
4x Scope 4x ACOG
6x 6x
8x Scope 8x CQBSS
15x Scope 15x PM II

There are three things that you should be aware of when choosing a scope to best fit the weapon you have.

  1. The magnification
  2. The FOV (field of view)
  3. ADS time (aim down sight)

The magnification is how much the scope ‘zooms in’ so you can see farther targets more clearly. This is stated in the title of each of the sights, e.g. 4x ACOG scope has a magnification four times greater than if you were to have no scope attached.

The FOV or field of view is the area you are physically able to see through the scope and as you would imagine, the FOV decreases as the magnification of the scope increases. While using a 15x sight you are able to see farther but less around you, and while using a 2x you are able to see more around you but not as far.

The ADS time is the time it takes for your character to change from hip fire to aiming down the sight. As you probably guessed, the larger, heavier and higher magnification scopes take longer to aim down sight which can be critical in face-to-face shoot-offs.

So, which scope is best?

Well, that depends on what you are using the weapon for.

High magnification sights are no good in close-quarters combat because they are slower to aim down sight and don’t have a very good field of view. But, they excel in ranged fights because of the high magnification (which is a huge advantage) and when ADS time and the field of view are much less critical.

It’s the opposite for a lower magnifications scope, say the red dot, which will excel in close-quarters and be useless at range.

But, hey, good job you can keep multiple scopes in your inventory and swap them out when you need!