Energy Weapons and How To Use Them

Energy ammo and weapons are among the rarest in the game, but for good reason. They can be deadly if you use them correctly.

Energy Weapon Mechanics

Energy Guns

Each of the energy weapons has a different, unique, game mechanic that makes use of the ‘energy’ part of the energy ammo. So far this has been some kind of charging mechanism which changes the way a gun fires.

Table Showing Energy Gun Info

Icon Energy Weapon Charge Mechanic Hop-Up(s)
Devotion (LMG) Charges up to very rapidly fire its energy ammo. Turbocharger
Triple Take
Triple Take (Sniper) Fires 3 bullet spread horizontally. With the precision choke hop-up attached, you can charge up to focus its 3 bullet spread into one. Precision Choke
Havoc (Assault Rifle) Charges up to its full rate of fire and with a select fire hop-up attached, it can charge up to give lethal single shots. Turbocharger & Select Fire


Perhaps the most important part of using energy guns is to find and use the compatible hop-ups. They make the weapons so much more powerful and without them, in most cases, you are better off with another weapon.


The turbocharger is really important for both the Devotion and the Havoc as it eliminates the charge up time for its full rate of fire.

Precision Choke

Precision Choke

The precision choke is important to the Triple Take as it allows you to focus the triple bullet spread, after charging, making it more likely that you hit all three bullets, and therefore dealing the maximum damage.

Select Fire

The select fire can be paired with the Havoc (the only one to take two hop-ups). It allows a second fire mode called hitscan which has little to no bullet travel time or drop. However this fire mode needs charging.

Are Energy Weapons Worth It?

There are a few things to consider here.

  1. Are you skilled enough to use it? – the individual game mechanics of each weapon mean it’s harder to pick up and use, i.e. you need practice before you will see the benefit of use. That being said, do not be scared to use them.
  2. Ammo – energy ammo is scarce, and if you run out of ammo it is pointless to have the gun in the first place. Also, with weapons like the Devotion, you can use up ammo very quickly.
  3. Playstyle – the only energy weapons are an LMG, sniper and assault rifle. Does your play style suit these? If you prefer shotguns, SMGs or semi-auto snipers, then these weapons might not be for you.
  4. High damage per second once charged – if you are able to get used to the charging mechanics of the energy weapons, they can deal a lot of damage. The Havoc and Devotion can become like a laser-beam at full charge.
  5. Hop-ups – the turbocharger hop-up takes away charging times of the Devotion and Havoc making them much easier to use and a lot more deadly. The precision choke on the Triple Take will focus the spread of the three bullets.