PUBG Shotgun Stats Comparison

Shotgun Comparison

Here we compare the stats of all the shotguns in PUBG. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the shotguns will give you an advantage in game.

No weapon stats can be 100% accurate as the developer does not publish it’s game data. We get our data from official battlegrounds wiki.

We will start with a simple table comparing the most important stats for shotguns: Damage, Time Between Shots, and Magazine Size.

DamageTime Between ShotsMag Size
Sawed-off20No data2


Let’s focus on shotgun damage. Here is a bar chart of the damage stats for each shotgun.

Shotgun Damage

You have to remember that the damage dealt changes according to where you hit the enemy and from how far. Headshot damage is considerably greater than in other areas of the body, and close range shots are more devastating than long-range ones. Your opponents’ armor will also affect the damage dealt.

Time Between Shots

Time between shots is important, along with magazine size, as more often than not it takes multiple shots to kill an enemy. The quicker you can unload the next shot, the better.

Time Between Shots

The S1897 takes considerably longer in-between each shot in the magazine than the S686 and S12K. This can be vital in gunfights if both players are accurate. It’s important to note the magazine sizes here as the S686 only has 2 in the chamber before it needs to be reloaded. Unfortunately, there is no data for the time between shots of the sawed-off.


Using the stats above: damage, time between shots and magazine size, our verdict for the best shotgun in most situations is the S12K for its high rate of fire and magazine size. For close range, the S686 would be our option for the high damage and rate of fire. For long-range S1897 would be best.