How Body Shields Work in Apex Legends

Shields are an important part of Apex Legends and are key for achieving wins by adding up to 100 hp to your character. That’s double your health!

Legendary Body Shield Card

Body Shields

You loot body shields from the ground, care packages or in apex packs. It’s these body shields that fill up your shield bar, the rarer the body shield the further it fills the bar.

Epic Body Shield

For example, a common body shield fills 2 bars while an epic body shield fills 4. Like all other legendary equipment, the legendary body shield has an extra ability. Take a look at the table below showing the different body shields and their effect.

Body Shield Rarity Types
Name Rarity Effect
Level 1 Common (White) 2 Bars of Shield (+50)
Level 2 Rare (Blue) 3 Bars of Shield (+75)
Level 3 Epic (Purple) 4 Bars of Shield (+100)
Level 3 Legendary (Gold) 4 Bars of Shield (+100) and fully recharges shield after executing a knocked enemy.

Regenerating Shields

If you take shots in gunfights, your body shield becomes depleted. You can regenerate your shield a number of ways.

Shield Cell

Shield cells are lootable, consumable, inventory items that restore 1 shield bar (+25) and take 3 seconds to use.

Shield Battery

Shield batteries are lootable, consumable, inventory items that restore your shield fully. It takes 5 seconds to recover 4 shield bars (+100).

Shield Battery

Phoenix Kit

Phoenix kits are lootable, consumable, inventory items that restore both 100 health and 4 bars (+100) of shield. They take 10 seconds to use which is quicker than using an equivalent shield battery (5s) and medkit (8s).

Legendary Body Shield

If you have a legendary (level 4) body shield, it regenerates your shields fully if you execute a downed enemy.

Shield Regeneration Methods
Name Effect Time
Shield Cell 2 Shield Bars (+25) 3 seconds
Sheild Battery 4 Shield Bars (+100) 5 seconds
Phoenix Kit 4 Shield Bars (+100) and 100 hp 10 seconds
Legendary (Gold) Body Shield 4 Shield Bars (+100) Instant after executing a downed enemy