PUBG Inventory & Backpack Space Explained

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

You are probably well-aware of the frustration running out of inventory space can cause. Your inventory is the space in which your character can hold items within PUBG and it is determined by, surprisingly, 4 things.

  • Your Character – 20
  • Your Utility Belt – 50
  • Your Vest – 70
  • Your Backpack – 170, 220, 270

If you jumped out of the plane naked in PUBG, you would have an inventory capacity of 20. On landing, you find a utility belt and it would add an additional 50 capacity to your inventory space. After finding a utility belt, you run into the nearest building and find 3 backpacks lying on the kitchen table. Level 1, level 2 and level 3 backpacks add more space to your inventory, with level 1 adding 170 capacity, level 2 adding 220 capacity, and level 3 adding 270 capacity. You take the level 3 because it has the most capacity and scramble upstairs. Out of breath and barely making it up the stairs, you see a further 3 vests in the hallway. Each of these will also add space to your inventory, however, it does not matter which level vest, as each gets you an extra 70 capacity.

So for the most capacity in your inventory, you need the utility belt, any vest, and a level 3 backpack. You would then have a total capacity of 410. But what does this capacity number mean in terms of carrying items?

How does inventory capacity relate to items?

Every item that you can hold in your inventory has a capacity number associated with it. For example, 30 rounds of 5.56 ammo have a capacity of 15 (that’s 0.5 per bullet), an 8x scope has a capacity of 20, and a first aid kit has a capacity of 10. If you can memorize each item’s capacity number you can better organize your inventory space. Here is a comprehensive list of all items and their capacity.


Name Capacity
.300 Magnum 1
.45 ACP 0.4
12 Gauge 1.25
5.56mm 0.5
7.62mm 0.7
9mm 0.375


Name Capacity
Lower Rail
Angled Foregrip 10
Quiver 14
Vertical Foregrip 10
Extended Mag (AR, S12K) 15
Extended Mag (Pistol) 10
Extended Mag (SMG) 13
Extended Mag (Sniper, DMR) 17
Extended Quickdraw Mag (AR, S12K) 20
Extended Quickdraw Mag (Pistol) 13
Extended Quickdraw Mag (SMG) 17
Extended Quickdraw Mag (Sniper, DMR) 23
Quickdraw Mag (AR, S12K) 14
Quickdraw Mag (Pistol) 9
Quickdraw Mag (SMG) 12
Quickdraw Mag (Sniper, DMR) 16
Choke 5
Compensator (AR, S12K) 10
Compensator (SMG) 8
Compensator (Sniper) 12
Flash Hider (AR, S12K) 10
Flash Hider (SMG) 8
Flash Hider (Sniper) 12
Suppressor (AR, S12K) 20
Suppressor (Pistol) 10
Suppressor (SMG) 15
Suppressor (Sniper) 23
Bullet Loops (Shotgun) 15
Bullet Loops (Sniper) 15
Cheek Pad (Sniper) 17
Stock (Micro UZI) 10
Tactical Stock (M416, Vector) 12
Upper Rail
2x Aimpoint Scope 15
4x ACOG Scope 15
8x CQBSS Scope 20
15x PM II Scope 20
Holographic Sight 10
Red Dot Sight 10


Name Capacity
Adrenaline Syringe 20
Bandage 2
Energy Drink Energy Drink 4
First Aid Kit 10
Gas Can 20
Med Kit 20
Painkiller Painkiller 10


Name Capacity
Frag Grenade 12
Molotov Cocktail 18
Smoke Grenade 16
Stun Grenade 14

The items that take up the most capacity are stacked ammunition, after this, the sniper suppressor and sniper extended quickdraw mag both take up 23. The items with the lease are individual bullets, but you rarely have a single bullet, after that, are individual bandages which take up 2.

This information is useful while you are in-game because it helps you make inventory management decisions. For example, you find a first aid kit on the floor, but your inventory space is too full. If a single bandage is worth 2 and a first aid kit is worth 10, you know to drop 5 bandages in order to make room for the first aid kit.

Another quick tip is to take note of the inventory space bar in your inventory while you are looting.

Inventory Expanding Items

Inventory Expanding Items