How to Use C4 in Call of Duty (Warzone) -

How to Use C4 in Call of Duty (Warzone)

C4 is probably the most versatile lethal in Call of Duty. Here’s how to use it properly.

C4 Explosive


  1. Once equipped, use lethal (G/Press Mouse Wheel, PC; R1, PS4; RB, XBOX) to place the C4.
  2. Press lethal again or double-tap interact (F, PC; Square PS4, Y, XBOX) to detonate.

Detonate C4 One at a Time

You can pick up two C4, just like you can with grenades. You don’t have to throw them both down before you detonate them.

To use one C4 at a time, double-tap the interact button (F, PC; Square PS4, Y, XBOX) after you place one C4 down.

In-Game Use

There are 3 main ways to use C4.

  1. Use C4 like a grenade to damage multiple enemies at once or to damage enemies hiding in rooms or behind cover. Remember C4 is sticky, so you can’t bounce it around corners.
  2. Use C4 like a remote-controlled claymore or bouncing betty. You can place your C4 at a known location (like a buy station) or above doorways and detonate it when you know an enemy is there.
  3. Stick your C4 to vehicles to destroy them. The high damage C4 has, means it’s possible to damage/disable/destroy vehicles if detonated at close range. The best way is to stick the C4 directly to a vehicle, or you can throw it on the ground close by.