Call of Duty

This is (simply) how perks work in Modern Warfare 2

Put simply, the 4 ways perks work in modern warfare 2. You start with 2 ‘base perks’. After around 4-minutes, you unlock your third ‘bonus perk’. After around 8-minutes, you unlock your ‘ultimate perk’. Yes, kills, assists, and game objectives will unlock your perks faster. […]


30 October, 2022

How to Use C4 in Call of Duty (Warzone)

C4 Explosive

C4 is probably the most versatile lethal in Call of Duty. Here’s how to use it properly. Controls Once equipped, use lethal (G/Press Mouse Wheel, PC; R1, PS4; RB, XBOX) to place the C4. Press lethal again or double-tap interact (F, PC; Square PS4, Y, […]


11 April, 2020