How to Land Perfectly in Fortnite

Lightning Trail

Lightning Trail

Landing exactly where you want in Fortnite is important, but it can be hard to master.

Here we will take you through some steps to improve your landing skills and help you to be the first to get looted.

The ‘one grid square’ landing rule


We have found it best to measure our landing by aiming to auto-deploy your glider one grid square before the position you want to land.

It is easiest to show this in a diagram.

Glider Auto-deploy Timing

Glider Auto-deploy Timing

If you wanted to land on the building marked by blue, you need to have your glider open automatically anywhere along the orange ring (depending on which way you are coming from). This is a distance of one grid square away from the desired landing location.

This works because it roughly takes one grid square from when you open you glider automatically, to when you land on the roof of a building.

So, use the map to choose a landing place and get a rough idea of an ‘open glider’ place about one grid square before this.

Other tips

  1. Your glider auto-deploys at a certain distance from the ground, so avoid being above mountains, trees or anything tall when you are close to the ground.
  2. If you want a super quick landing, you can use a neat trick described here. However, with this trick, you cannot choose a landing place as it relies on being right at the edge of the map.
  3. Getting to a location on the map that is really far from the battle bus, is sometimes quicker if you open your glider early. This is purely to avoid landing too soon and having to run the rest of the way so time it right!