2 Ways to Find the Kar98k (In Depth)

Find a Kar98
Find a Kar98

The elusive Kar98k. You want to find one (and a 4x) right?

Well, there are 2 ways to find one. 1 stumble across one that has spawned while looting, and 2 kill an enemy who is [enjoying] using one.

1. Find a Kar98 Laying on the Floor

Now I’m not going to kid you, finding a kar98 on the floor is 90% luck. But there are subtle ways to increase your chances of finding a Kar98k, and someone has to find one right? Else there would be no Kar98’s in play!

Firstly, the Kar98k is more unlikely to spawn in low-value loot areas than in high-value loot areas (although still possible). So don’t waste your time looking for a Kar98 in tiny shacks or lone houses in the woods. Try and land in places with high loot %.

There are interactive loot heatmaps here and here, which show you high-value loot areas for all the PUBG maps.

Kar98 Aim
Image by danglebubble

There are actually two reasons why you are more likely to find a Kar98 in high % loot areas of the maps. The first is as it sounds, there is a higher proportion of loot and therefore more chance you find a Kar98. The second is that more people go to high-value loot areas, so in theory, you have a lot more people looting the houses to find a Kar98 (faster than looking through them yourself). You can then kill enemies or find loot boxes of killed enemies to get the kar98. The problem here is that you are much more likely to get killed because there are more people. This goes back to high risk = high reward.

2. Kill an Enemy For a Kar98 (easier/more likely)

If you have no luck in finding a Kar98k by looting, the next (and probably more likely) option to obtaining a Kar98, is to kill someone else for one.

You can spot someone who is using a Kar98 by either looking and seeing or hearing. If you play the game enough, you will get to know the sound of a Kar98 plus it will only ever be single shots. You can follow the sound and try to kill the enemy player who has one and take it for yourself.

Top tips for locating and eliminating an enemy with a Kar98k:

  • Use headphones while playing
  • Take note of the direction the sound of a Kar98 is coming from using the compass
  • Remember the Kar98 is single shot, use this to your advantage
  • Try and equip a level 3 helmet
  • Don’t stand still
  • Don’t get killed while looting the Kar98!