How To Cook (and use) Grenades Properly

Cooking a Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

Frag grenades can be lethal in a game of battlegrounds, and requires two carefully managed skills; aim and cooking time.

Good aim is a given, but cooking your frags is a powerful way to give your enemy no escape. The problem lies in the crucial few seconds while you are cooking a grenade when you are left vulnerable to enemy fire.

How to cook a frag grenade.

You need to actively cook a frag grenade in PUBG, it does not happen automatically like in most other games. On PC, while your character is ready to throw and you are holding [LMB], you need to press the [R] key to start the timer or ‘cooking’ process and from this point, you have 5 seconds to throw the grenade before it detonates. On Xbox, the process is the same and the cooking button is [LB].

  1. Equip grenade
  2. Aim [LMB] or [RT]
  3. Cook [R] or [LB] …5 seconds starts
  4. Throw

The key is timing the cook perfectly so the frag grenade detonates as soon as it meets the enemy, giving them no time to run and escape.

Use under-arm for tactical throws

It can be difficult to use frag grenades in close-quarter situations, mainly due to the enemy hearing you. But if you can pull one off it can be the last thing the enemy is expecting.

Throwing under-arm reduces the arc distance and is done by right clicking once a grenade is equipped.