How to Land Perfectly in Fortnite

Landing exactly where you want in Fortnite is important, but it can be hard to master. Here we will take you through some steps to improve your landing skills and help you to be the first to get looted. The ‘one grid square’ landing rule […]


8 June, 2018

Wood, Brick and Metal – Differences Between Fortnite Building Materials and When to Use Them

Wood vs Brick vs Metal

As you are probably aware, Fortnite has 3 different building materials which can be obtained in-game and used to build cover, forts, and walkways to infiltrate buildings and access chests. From wood to metal the materials increase in strength providing better defense against enemy bullets […]


20 March, 2018

Fortnite Gun Rarity – Weapon Tiers & Types

Fortnite Gun Rarity

Every gun you come across in Fortnite: Battle Royale, whether that be from looting buildings, corpses, chests or drops, will have an associated rarity. Each weapon will be surrounded by a coloured mist on the ground and have a coloured background in your inventory, indicating it’s rarity type. […]


19 March, 2018