PUBG Sniper Rifle Stats Comparison (Visual)

Sniper Rifle Comparison

Sniper Rifle Comparison

Welcome to the PUBG sniper rifle comparison. Here we visualize, in graphs and other means, sniper stats to make it easier to compare weapons and therefore make informed choices within the game.

Note: Tweaks to game mechanics including weapon stats change all the time. We do our best, but cannot guarantee complete 100% accuracies in data.


We believe, for sniper rifles at least, that damage is the most important weapon statistic of them all. This is because of the way snipers are played; single accurate shots that do high damage. As a comparison here is the sniper rifle damage in a graph.

Sniper Damage Comparison

Sniper Damage Comparison

As you can see the AWM is way above the field when it comes to damage, M24 second and Kar98 third. Both the AWM and M24 are air-drop-only weapons, along with the Mk14.

Looking closer, the two types of sniper rifle (single and semi-auto), are separated by damage.

The four single shot rifles have the four highest damage, while the four semi-auto rifles have the four lowest damage. From a game mechanics point of view, this makes sense and makes choosing a sniper harder.

Bullet Speed

Next is the initial bullet speed. This is an important statistic when considering aiming at a moving or distant target.

The bullet speed correlates to the time between firing the bullet and hitting the target. This affects how much lead you need on a moving target and the amount of bullet drop. A higher bullet speed means less lead and less drop.

Sniper Bullet Speed Compared

Sniper Bullet Speed Compared

Most rifles have similar bullet speeds with the exception of the Mini 14, AWM and VSS.

The VSS has by far the lowest bullet speed and so when aiming, you will need more lead on the moving target and have to account for more bullet drop.

Of course, many of the weapons have variable zeroing distances which you can use to help with bullet drop.

Damage Against Headshot

Overall damage of sniper rifles, as in the first diagram, is good for getting a generalized idea of a weapon’s damage, but the damage of a sniper changes according to the enemy’s armour.

Here we have the damage of the snipers according to helmet armour.

Sniper Headshot Damage

Sniper Headshot Damage

The AWM is the only sniper capable of killing an enemy with a headshot if they have a level 3 helmet equipped. The Kar98k and M24 are able to kill an enemy with a single headshot against no, level 1 and level 2 helmets.

Compare for yourself the weapons you like to use and get to know what damage they produce against different levels of helmet.

The red line represents 100 HP and if the bar is above the red line, one shot will kill an enemy with a headshot.