Wood, Brick and Metal – Differences Between Fortnite Building Materials and When to Use Them

Wood vs Brick vs Metal
Wood vs Brick vs Metal

As you are probably aware, Fortnite has 3 different building materials which can be obtained in-game and used to build cover, forts, and walkways to infiltrate buildings and access chests. From wood to metal the materials increase in strength providing better defense against enemy bullets and rocket launchers. However, if you delve a bit deeper into the game mechanics all is not as it seems.

When you build it actually takes time for the HP of the material to reach it’s fullest. So, in terms of HP, wood, brick, and metal all have a starting ‘min’ HP value and a finishing ‘max’ HP value. All the materials have different min HP, max HP, and time to reach max HP (which we will call heal time). This means depending on what you are building, there is an optimal material.

Min HPMax HP

So as you would imagine metal has the highest max HP of 400 and wood has the lowest of 200, (exactly half of metal). Brick is halfway in between the two, at 300 HP. Min HP, on the other hand, is the opposite with wood having the highest at 100 HP, and metal the lowest at 80 HP.

This means that for instant protection wood is superior, but for building forts when the material has time to build up it’s HP, metal is superior.

Another interesting difference between the building materials is the visibility. Obviously, as the object is being built it is very see-through, but when fully built the wood has most gaps, and metal has the least (brick lies in between again). This is something to take note of when building forts/cover.

The below image shows the gaps (highlighted white) in each of the three building material types.

Building Material Transparency
Building Material Transparency

This post was made possible from the data on a Reddit post by srsCookie.